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I am a lover of lists- long ones, short ones, lists in beautiful notebooks that I buy just to keep track of them, or on the back of old envelopes when I’ve misplaced the notebooks. Lists are a way of capturing all of the constantly swirling ideas and thoughts in my head and pinning them down into a place where I can keep track of them, and later address. Crossing items off of my lists once I have visited the [...]

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For the past week or so I have been thinking about developing a logo for The Unwitting Entrepreneur.  Something innovative, but not confusing; contemporary, but not trendy, and that readily exudes the character of this site: encouraging, inquisitive, inspirational, self-effacing. After studying examples of many famous and not-so-famous logos, I figured that this was something that I could probably design myself. However, after playing around with various shapes in Paint and PowerPoint, and coming up with vaguely Mondrian-type blocks that exuded [...]

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A few years back I joined Facebook, when it was just beginning to become popular (actually, it was probably already popular, since I’m rarely an early adapter). Like many others I quickly became obsessed, checking  my page several times throughout the day to find new “friends”, surf their status updates (“Sheila is…washing the dishes = ( ” ), and post my own. I also became interested in all the games you could participate in, like FarmVille and Oregon Trail. Before [...]

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I recently spoke with another female entrepreneur who is helping women start their own businesses, and she gave me the low-down on the differences between female and male entrepreneurs, a discussion I found very enlightening. For starters, women usually start businesses solo, or with a boyfriend or spouse. Men, on the other hand, tend to start a business with several other men, many times those with complimentary skillsets. This allows for a more even distribution of work, varying perspectives, and [...]

Posted by bdg2011 On Mar - 23 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST
profounder graphic v2

For our next Entrepreneur Spotlight, we’re showcasing Dana Mauriello, one of the co-founders of ProFounder, a business that helps entrepreneurs raise investment capital from their communities, or crowdfunding. Read on for her story on how she made the leap.   Name Dana Mauriello Name of company ProFounder What does your company do/ produce? We are a crowdfunding platform for businesses. We give businesses the tools to raise investment capital from their communities. Describe your background/ experience before starting your company. [...]

Posted by bdg2011 On Mar - 21 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST
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