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So after posting a couple of weeks ago on my desire to have a logo for this website, I spent the next two weeks exploring all of the options I listed (doing it myself, outsourcing, crowdsourcing). The first thing I tried was creating something myself using Microsoft Office, but to no avail- everything looked clip-artish or cartoonish, really not the look I was going for. Next I downloaded a copy of Adobe Illustrator (free trials are available on their website ), and took an online tutorial (Vector Diary, completely awesome, by the way) to teach myself how to use it. Although I made some progress, it was taking too long to get to the point where my people looked like people and my objects were identifiable.  I looked briefly into a formal design firm, but I could tell pretty quickly that the expense for this would vastly exceed my (very, very small) budget. Thus, it seemed that crowdsourcing the logo design (through sites like Hatchwise and 99 Designs) would be my best option.

After some quick websurfing research, I decided to go with Hatchwise (I figured if I didn’t like the result, I could always try another site). I submitted a spec outlining what I was looking for: something open and welcoming, slightly more whimsical than a traditional business logo but not to be confused with a yoga studio. I also wanted the color green to be incorporated, since it has become synonymous with my website.

The first few submissions were pretty disappointing- they looked like stock images that could be downloaded anywhere. I kept receiving leaf designs- what on earth a leaf has to do with my website, I have no idea, other than that it is something easy to find on the internet, and green. I even received two submissions identical to one another, from two different designers- one designer quickly withdrew their entry once they realized that someone else submitted the same design. I was ready to give up hope (and my $179 fee) at this point, when I received a promising entry. I wrote back to the designer to give her some feedback, which she incorporated into the design. After some back and forth over the next few days, I ended up with something that I really liked, and that I think encompasses what this site is about. A lemonade stand, to represent that first initial burst of entrepreneurial spirit, as well as making lemonade out of the lemons life sometimes give us. Agree or disagree? Would love to hear your comments…


bdg2011 On April - 14 - 2011

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  1. CAC says:

    Love your new logo, especially the images of the lemon and the curls on the hair…really fitting. And thanks for the step-by-step tutorial as it is very helpful. And, yes, we must continue to make lemonade with the lemons we are dealt – I agree!

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