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I’m now in Month 4 of my journey to become an entrepreneur, and boy, has life been throwing me some curveballs. My work schedule has gotten unpredictable, I moved into a new house, and in my “spare” time I try to find time to develop my business idea as well as this website. So, although my posting schedule isn’t as regular as it’s been in the past, this process of figuring out what I am going to do with the rest of my (work) life has become more important than ever, if only because I realize that I want to have more say in how and where I spend my time, in a way that I feel is adding value to my own life and hopefully the lives of others.

Fortunately, I have made some progress in the business idea department. I have decided that I want to start a business that has a social impact (you can read more about these types of businesses here and here), since I think it would be great to run a business that is also making a difference (although, of course, you could argue that any business that meets its customers’ needs well  is making a difference, but I think you get what I’m saying here).

In order to flush out what type of business I would enjoy running, I made a list of all my favorite activities- get ready, it’s pretty long:

-          Cooking

-          Baking

-          Reading

-          Writing

-          Traveling

-          Gardening

-          Creating things

-          Movies

-          Magazines (there’s just something about the glossy pages and the way they make great style seem so easy and accessible…or maybe that’s just good marketing at work)

-          Data Analysis (because we all have a bit of geek in us)

-          Strategy Development

-          Shopping

-          Trying out beauty products/ hair products

-          Tutoring

-         Motivational  Speaking/ inspiration (I love to encourage others)

-          Hanging out with friends

-          Teaching

-          Working out

Hmm… nothing here really screams “million dollar business idea” to me, or even “cover my monthly cell phone bill” idea- guess I’m going to have to do a bit more deep thinking on this one.

Next, I listed all the causes I care about. This list was shorter, particularly when I narrowed it down to the issues that seem to work me up the most:

-          Current state of public elementary and secondary schools

-          Skyrocketing cost of college (and the subsequent burdensome student loan debt)

-          Lack of knowledge about/ access to healthy lifestyles in many communities


I could have included a few more, but these three seemed like a good place to start.

Now, I just needed to find a way to match the first list (doing what I love/ filling a market need) to the second (while also solving a societal problem) . This is what my list looked like:













Shopping + College Costs = Buying goods that help defray your loan debt?

Gardening + Public Education woes = Providing better education through teaching kids about gardening?


Ugh- clearly I am going to need to do some further deep thinking in the months ahead. And of course, I’ll continue to keep you posted…


bdg2011 On May - 11 - 2011

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  1. Kristina Brzezinski says:

    Love your blog! You may want to try mind-mapping. Michael Goldstein, a serial entrepreneur, spoke in my Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership class, and he once used to come up with a business idea. He said that he took a few months to really work on it. I plan on doing the same thing in order to come up with a few business ideas. Best of luck coming up with ideas!

  2. O says:

    I tons of million/billion dollar ideas there!
    Creating things = Etsy
    Shopping = Groupon, Amazon
    could keep going..

    I sey find ANYTHING that you feel remotely inspired starting up and run with it. It will change over time, but will give you a great experience and maybe even a million dolllars.

    • O says:

      I meant “see” tons of million dollars ideas.. :)

    • bdg2011 says:

      You know, O, I’m beginning to think that there are two types of people in the world, those that see million dollar ideas, and those of us who see the million dollar ideas that others have already executed. I definitely fall into the second category. For now. But you’re right, as soon as I find something inspiring, I’m going to take a stab at it! Thanks for posting!

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