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This year I decided to try my hand at growing a garden. Lured in by all of the “locally sourced” and “urban gardening” buzz, as well as my own innate desire to see if I could actually grow my own food, I planted some bell peppers, beans, squash, okra, strawberries, and tomatoes. Knowing close to nothing about gardening, I knew that this year would be a learning experience for me. For the most part, it’s been pretty thrilling, watching my [...]

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Back when I was in school (sheesh, I just realized how old I sound), in those halcyon days of the 1990s, I never strove too hard to do well in school. I’m not bragging, it’s just that I never really studied or unduly applied myself, and except for the occasional B in math (which always seemed to require a bit more effort than other subjects to really comprehend), I performed well enough to go to a pretty good university and, [...]

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lonely boat

Every so often, I, like anyone else trying to start (or maintain) something new, can grow discouraged or lose motivation. It’s tough to keep moving forward when not only is there no wind filling your sails, but a hurricane gale keeps picking you up and tossing you back towards the shore. It’s enough to make you want to drop anchor and go home. That being said, the secret of success (at least as far as I can intuit) for any [...]

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The Harvard Business Review posted an article today on what separates extremely successful executives from those who are only moderately successful. Turns out it’s not education, mentoring, training, or even an individual’s personality- it’s their mindset. ‘Well, duh,’ you’re probably thinking, ‘of course it is’- just like attributes like “hard work” and “work ethic” are also indicators of success. But it’s not just any mindset that contributes to success. A successful mindset is one that attempts to derive value from [...]

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  This past Wednesday, the White House released its 2011 report on women, which listed some interesting, if not surprising, facts about women in the US today: -          Women enroll in greater numbers than men in both undergraduate and graduate institutions -          Women have higher graduation rates at all academic levels -          “The earnings gap between women and men has narrowed over time, but it still remains. Among full-time wage and salary workers, women’s weekly earnings as a percent of [...]

Posted by bdg2011 On Mar - 4 - 2011 Add Comments READ FULL POST
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