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Last week I caught a Biography profile on the founders of Ben and Jerry’s, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, and the start of their ice cream company (bought by Unilever in 2000). I never knew much about Ben and Jerry’s as a company (other than I love their ice cream!), but Ben and Jerry actually started a really cool company, one that managed to be both profitable, yet also “values-led”. Just why do I think this is one of the [...]

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Monday we posted an article on social enterprise PayPerks, and how a social impact business model differs from the traditional for-profit model. Today I want to follow up with a few more principles on what it takes to start this type of business. (sources: Business News Daily, First, determine what you are passionate about that there is also a demand for in the market. Social impact businesses revolve around two types of values, the value they provide for customers [...]

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For the final installment in our series on ‘Becoming an Entrepreneur’, I’d like to leave you with some tips on getting your business up and running quickly and inexpensively, since one of the biggest problems for new enterprises is handling (lack of) cash flow. Don’t pay more than you have to Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to do everything from making phone calls to purchasing a home more cheaply and efficiently than ever before. Thus, don’t spend [...]

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Now that you have your business idea, it’s time to structure it a bit. You probably already know about writing a business plan, deciding who your target market is, and running a basic financial analysis (from a simple break-even point to a more complex pro-forma). Now what? 1. Make a prototype Whether you’re selling granola or spa services, it’s important to actually create what you plan to sell, for several reasons. One, it may be a lot more complicated to [...]

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Today is the start of a three-part series on how to get a business up and running, based on my conversations with women entrepreneurs and my own research around the web. After posting several times on the idea that many women don’t start businesses because they don’t know where to begin, I now want to share some tools and knowledge that I’ve come across to make getting started a little bit easier. Today’s post focuses on finding a business idea [...]

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