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Over the weekend I upgraded my cell phone, from a freezing-up, call-dropping, no-app-market-to-speak-of HTC TouchPro 2, to the sleeker, more user-friendly, life-maintaining wonder that is my new Samsung Epic 4G. All of a sudden I can now download apps that manage all of my social network sites, and monitor my favorite news portals, potential Craigslist bargains, workouts, even my website performance stats (I’ll post on my favorite new apps in a future article), all from one small, beautiful little gadget. [...]

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I am a lover of lists- long ones, short ones, lists in beautiful notebooks that I buy just to keep track of them, or on the back of old envelopes when I’ve misplaced the notebooks. Lists are a way of capturing all of the constantly swirling ideas and thoughts in my head and pinning them down into a place where I can keep track of them, and later address. Crossing items off of my lists once I have visited the [...]

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counting+sheep 2

It’s 5 in the morning, and as I sit facing a blinking cursor, a blank screen, and an even blanker mind, I can’t help but question my resolve to keep up with my thrice-weekly blog schedule, to say nothing of my goal to start my own business by next year. Working full-time, trying to maintain some semblance of an exercise schedule, and doing my best to keep up with household tasks keep me almost fully busy on my best days. [...]

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For those of you who are like me and would like to be an entrepreneur, but are still rather attached to those tangibles (health insurance, 401k, salary) that make life worthwhile, then you know that one of the more frustrating aspects of wanting to start your own business is that it’s pretty difficult when you’re already working for one. This is particularly true if your company is like mine, and there is no such thing as a typical 9- 5 [...]

Posted by bdg2011 On Feb - 23 - 2011 Add Comments READ FULL POST
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