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losing money

Well into month 4 of my entrepreneurial journey, I’m learning that it is super easy for new business costs to quickly spiral out of control. Web site development, PR, marketing costs- all of these things can quickly deplete whatever cash reserves you have if you’re not careful. Finding free or inexpensive ways to develop your website, market and brand your business, or even strategize are essential in order to keep costs low, and hold on to as much cash as [...]

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Over the weekend I upgraded my cell phone, from a freezing-up, call-dropping, no-app-market-to-speak-of HTC TouchPro 2, to the sleeker, more user-friendly, life-maintaining wonder that is my new Samsung Epic 4G. All of a sudden I can now download apps that manage all of my social network sites, and monitor my favorite news portals, potential Craigslist bargains, workouts, even my website performance stats (I’ll post on my favorite new apps in a future article), all from one small, beautiful little gadget. [...]

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We’re excited to feature an article today from our guest blogger Nicole Duhoski, founder of VineSprout, a social media strategy and public relations firm based in Chicago. Read on for her insightful and eye-opening piece on what you can do right now to raise the profile of your business or organization.   How to Promote Your Startup Using Social Media 5 Steps to Build Your Brand Before your set up any social media accounts, ask yourself, who is your audience? [...]

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The Harvard Business Review posted an article today on what separates extremely successful executives from those who are only moderately successful. Turns out it’s not education, mentoring, training, or even an individual’s personality- it’s their mindset. ‘Well, duh,’ you’re probably thinking, ‘of course it is’- just like attributes like “hard work” and “work ethic” are also indicators of success. But it’s not just any mindset that contributes to success. A successful mindset is one that attempts to derive value from [...]

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I am a lover of lists- long ones, short ones, lists in beautiful notebooks that I buy just to keep track of them, or on the back of old envelopes when I’ve misplaced the notebooks. Lists are a way of capturing all of the constantly swirling ideas and thoughts in my head and pinning them down into a place where I can keep track of them, and later address. Crossing items off of my lists once I have visited the [...]

Posted by bdg2011 On Mar - 30 - 2011 5 Comments READ FULL POST
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losing money

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Well into month 4 of my entrepreneurial journey, I’m learning ...