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  A friend of mine forwarded me an article today from a blogger at Business Insider. The title: “VC CONFESSION: “I Have Doubts Once I Think Of Women Founders Having Kids And Being Distracted From Work“. My first thought was, as Charlie Brown might put it, ‘Good grief’. My second- how is it that in 2011, women are still being confronted/ limited by their ability to bear children? Are our wombs all the world sees when it looks at us? [...]

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Today’s Entrepreneur Spotlight is on Victoria Tsai, founder of TATCHA, an Asian beauty products company featured in magazines like Vogue, O Magazine, and Elle, just to name a few. Read on for Victoria’s take on what it means to be a new mom as well as a new entrepreneur… Name: Victoria Tsai Name of your product/ company: TATCHA What does your company do/ produce? I search Asia for time tested beauty secrets and life inspiration.  TATCHA is my way of [...]

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For those of you who are like me and would like to be an entrepreneur, but are still rather attached to those tangibles (health insurance, 401k, salary) that make life worthwhile, then you know that one of the more frustrating aspects of wanting to start your own business is that it’s pretty difficult when you’re already working for one. This is particularly true if your company is like mine, and there is no such thing as a typical 9- 5 [...]

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I read recently that only 4% of start-ups are begun by women. Seriously?! I think the same things that make women great managers (here go the stereotypes: empathy, communication skills, team-orientation) would similarly make them great entrepreneurs…. or would they? Being an entrepreneur, at least in my limited knowledge, requires giving up a lot- money, time, sometimes relationships- and being a woman, I know that I don’t like to give up things, particularly the things that I denied myself during [...]

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